June 18, 2020


My Pet Care – Winter 2020 Is Here!

Autumn and lockdown had us take some time out and stay at home. Our pets must have loved having us around all the time. Winter has now arrived and we are feeling the cold. Where we can, we take our pets inside and keep them warm and snug. The new season also brings new adjustments and new experiences, especially since Lockdown is still on Level 3 and not completely lifted yet.

Lockdown Level 3 and Your Pets

With the lockdown restrictions eased and the economy starting up again, many businesses are asking essential employees to go on business trips or stay late at work. This might bring up some problems like…

Pets alone at home? Lucky for you, we are open for business too!
We at My Pet Care Service have certainly missed our beloved clients (and their humans of course!) and we are ready to resume our essential services.

Covid-19 And Your Pets

The World Health Organisation to this day confirms the risk of animals spreading the COVID-19 virus very low. The general and safe advice is to treat your pets as you would other human family members by keeping them home safely, keeping a safe distance when you go out and washing your hands when you have touched your pets.

There Is No Need To Worry!

My PET CARE Service staff take necessary and strict precautions to ensure your safety as well as your pets’ and ours, so there is no need to worry.

The precautions we take, include:

  • Wearing filtered masks to prevent nose and mouth spread of the virus.
  • Wearing latex gloves when handling your pets or working in your home.
  • Sanitising the work area regularly.
  • Sanitising the door handles before you return home.
  • Maintaining social distancing with our human clients.
Walking Our Dogs

Although we are allowed to take our pets for walks under Level 3, bear in mind that we still have to stay within our neighbourhood, not allow other people to pet our dogs, and ourselves refrain from petting other peoples’ dogs, and keep as safe social distance of 2 metres away from other people and their dogs.

Stay safe, wash your hands and make the most of these unusual times!

Love your pets. It’s so easy!

South African COVID-19 Portal