December 1, 2020

Its holiday time for you and your pets

Its holiday time for you and your pets

Summer in Pretoria means heat and rain and of course holidays. First, let’s consider our pets. They are affected by this too and we can make it pleasant for them!

Pet Sitter / House Sitter

Consider the best option for your pets.

If you have pets that are still too young to stay alone, sick or senior pets that need medication and special care or pets that suffer from separation anxiety, depression or stress, the best option would be to find someone who could stay with them in the safety, familiarity and comfort of your home. Speak to us, we have sitters or might know of house sitters to help you out. Unfortunately these Pet sitters can only do one house at a time and are therefore quickly booked.

If you have been using our pet sitting service before, we are confident that you have come to trust our service. Contact us early to ensure we have you on our calendar. We have requirements and you need time to prepare not only for your holiday, but also for preparing for the Pet sitter and your pets.

We have a house full of pets and can unfortunately not accept pets to stay with us while you are away, but we have an enthusiastic, reliable and committed team ready to visit your house daily, once or twice!

Heat and Rain

Please make sure your pets can always find shelter against the rain and always have access to shade and a cool area. Keep in mind that the sun moves during the day and what looks like a cool shade area might be a very hot spot later in the day. Clean the water bowls daily and add fresh water (as we do on every one of our visits). If your dog does get wet from the rain, dry them before night time, especially long-haired dogs.

If you want to make a booking with My Pet Care please contact us on +27 71 016 0913 or +27 82 448 5844. You can send an email to

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