December 5, 2019

How to choose a pet sitter while you are away

How to choose a pet sitter while you are away

When we plan our holidays, we need to consider our pets who will be staying home. My Pet Care receives many requests for our pet sitting service beyond the borders of Irene. As a reliable pet sitting service in Irene, we sincerely regret that we cannot provide the service everywhere.

However, as an added service, we would like to provide important tips on making sure you have a reliable and well-established pet sitter.

Ensure that you have the following in place:

  • The name, home address and various contact numbers of the pet sitting service or pet sitter.
  • Next of kin and back-up numbers should you not get hold of the pet sitting service or pet sitter.
  • Verify the address and test the different contact numbers given to you by the sitter.
  • Ask for at least 2 references.

Below are a few questions that you could ask these references to rate the service provider you intend using:

  1. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 = very poor, 10 = excellent) how would you rate their service?
  2. What about the pet sitter/service impressed you? (Ask them specifics, if they are vague.)
  3. What would you say the pet sitter/service could have done better? (Ask for specifics, if they are vague.)

Ensure that you have an agreement on the following from the pet sitter service:

  1. That the sitter will send a text at the first visit after you have left, with a photo of your pets. (In that way you make sure they have started.)
  2. Depending on how long you are away, insist on feedback and photos at least every 3 days (if this is your first experience with the pet sitting service, this is important.)
  3. At their last visit, let the sitter confirm via text message that it is the last feeding (with this you ensure that you both have the dates correct and there is no misunderstanding.)
  4. Upon your return the sitter should confirm whether you are at your home to ensure that your pets will be cared for (this is a good indicator whether the pet sitter is reliable, thorough and professional.)

Pet Sitting starts from the first feeding until the owners are safely back at home with their pets.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Ensure the pet sitter has access to the following to keep everything hygienic for your pets and the neighbours:
A poop scoop with bags/ black bags/ running water and a place to wash bowls; dishwashing soap, a cloth/brush, a broom, extra bowls for your pets – make it pleasant and easy for the pet sitter. Leave a clean place where the pet sitter can prepare food and obtain fresh water for your pets.

Chip and Tag

A proven way to ensure that your pets are found should they escape or get lost is chip and tag. A collar with tag enables the person who finds your pet, to contact you directly and immediately. Having your pet chipped has the additional safety measure of your contact information being traced to you by a professional vet even if your pet is not wearing its collar.

We trust these hints will assist you in ensuring that you find a trusted pet sitter and your pets are safe and cared for while you are away.

For more information on our pet sitting services please contact us today and we will contact you with regards to pricing and arrangements for your pets while you are away. Click here to contact us TODAY

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