November 15, 2020


Festive Season is Around the Corner – My Pet Care

The Festive season is around the corner and the My Pet Care Team is gearing up for their favourite clients, your pets!

It is time to plan your holidays away from home again.
Contact My Pet Care well in advance to ensure our availability and your peace of mind!

We genuinely care about your pets’ safety and well-being and as always will have a fully dedicated and committed team available while you are enjoying a well-deserved break.

Getting us on board is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Contact us via WhatsApp or a phone call and we will book you and make an appointment to collect keys (regular clients) or meet you (new clients)
  2. Prepare instructions, food supply as per your requirements, medication and special care if necessary, easy access to property and pets, and cleaning material as per My Pet Care requirements in advance in order to make hand over go smoothly.
  3. Tell your pets they are going to be in the hands and care of the best Pet Care Team ever!

Pet Sitting starts from the first feeding until the owners are safely back at home with their pets, which is why you will receive from us a confirmation text and photo of our first visit and again confirmation of our last visit. This helps to avoid the possibility of any misunderstandings as to our pet care dates. As always and because our clients love this, we will regularly send you feedback and photos to confirm all is well at your home.

A few reminders:

Ensure the pet sitter has access to a poop scoop with bags/ black bags/ running water and a place to wash bowls; dishwashing soap, a cloth/brush, a broom, extra bowls for your pets. If we need to open food tins, a tin opener and spoon to scoop is always handy!
Provide access to a clean place where the pet sitter can prepare food and obtain fresh water for your pets.

A proven way to ensure that your pets are found should they escape or get lost is chip and tag. Chip your pet so that a vet can scan them and have important information readily available when needed. Tag your pet with your number so that you can be contacted when your lost pet is found. Unfortunately, pets do sometimes slip out of their cages or your property. Get them home faster by chipping AND tagging!

Love your pets. It’s so easy!

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