Our Story - Pet Sitting in Irene

Michiel Brand is the owner of My Pet Care - a sought-after reliable pet sitting service in Irene and surrounding area.

Michiel started with pet sitting in the safety of the Irene Farm Villages Estate when only 8 years old. Michiel always loved pets; loved playing with them and was often found sleeping with our own dogs in their dog beds. On two birthdays respectively Michiel’s birthday gifts were a little black cat, which was named Tjokls and a toypom called Bella Piccola. Bella is now the princess of the Brand household! Michiel loves Lila, the black Labrador, and favourite holidays are taking the dogs with to the sea and they have a ball on the beach and in the ocean.

Pet Sitting in Irene | House Sitting in Irene - Playing on beach with 2 dogs

What makes My Pet Care different?

Consistency & Reliability

My Pet Care is reliable, consistent and has maintained a standard of excellence that has given this service a reputation that sets it apart from many similar service providers.
Having a pet sitter available when you are away from home is not enough peace of mind. What if something happens and the appointed pet sitter is unable to do the pet sitting? You might be far away and may not even be aware of this. This is a scary thought!

My Pet Care’s permanent back-up pool of sitters are at all times fully informed of the roster and service requirements and expectations of clients. Michiel has put in place an effective administration system to ensure seamless operations.

NEVER will your pets miss a caring visit, a meal, fresh water and their daily human interaction!

Passion for Excellence

Michiel and the My Pet Care crew has a passion for excellence and endeavour to make the best of each visit and care taking period while clients are away from their homes. They take effort in bonding with the pets through affectionate attention, play time and even some grooming. Some senior and exotic pets often have special needs and the pet sit crew responds to that with compassion and love. The pets are always happy when they arrive to feed them and look forward to some company, play-time and very often a surprise cookie, or a cow hoof.

Add-on Peace of Mind

Furthermore, as part of the pet sitting service, checking of electricity, switching on/off lights, checking swimming pool and watering of inside pot plants are all ensured. Michiel ensures continuous message updates to the owners about their pets and homes and will provide feedback on issues such as a swimming pool that needs attention or a sick pet that needs to go to the vet.

Home Checking Service

Client requests soon expanded outside the estate and My Pet Care now also covers the surrounding neighbourhood areas. Home owners within Irene Farm Villages and from areas surrounding the estate, who do not have pets, often require house checking while they are away for short, but especially long periods of time.

Commitment and Growing the Service

What is so amazing about Michiel’s pet and home care service is that all have grown with it, since it started out in 2008. Michiel has learnt about hard work and dedication from this early age. Getting out of bed extra early on holidays, and even on school week days, to ensure consistent early morning routines with their pet clients. They have learnt to be thorough with feeding schedules and requirements, with cleaning up and making sure pets are safe and comfortable. Michiel and crew members have become especially good at paying close attention for changes in pet behaviours and probable health issues which gets communicated to clients in a consistent and reassuring manner.

Passion and Vision

With a vision to ensure that pet and home owners will consistently have someone they can rely on when they are away. Michiel has grown My Pet Care into a reliable, trusted and sought-after service provider.

Pet Care in Irene and surrounding areas

The pet sitter visits your home once or twice a day as agreed upon, to feed your pets and refresh the water. The pet owner provides pets' foods and treats. Feeding is done according to your requirements and your pets' dietary needs. The pet sitter interacts and plays with the pets, giving them loving attention and the human contact they need to feel loved and secure. The dogs usually love this part a lot – there is nothing like a rough housing and a game for them. Michiel has found that even the cats get used to it and look forward to visits and seek personal contact when they hear the key in the door on visits. During visits, the pet sitter also refreshes the pet sleeping quarters, picks up the poo (a proper poop scoop has to be available for this) and checks that the electricity is still on, the swimming pool pump working and as per agreement, waters the inside pot plants. Other household tasks could include switching lights or irrigation systems on or off and putting out the garbage bin where applicable.