October 14, 2019

5 Tips to Help You When your Pet is Lost!

5 Tips to Help You When your Pet is Lost!

  1. WHERE to look?

    Someone has probably by now seen or picked up your pet!
    Check all shelters, veterinary practices and the NSPCA in your area. Speak to people in the vicinity, ask the security guards at the gates of your complex or at nearby shopping malls, parking areas; ask children returning from school /on bicycles in the area. Ask regulars at nearby bus stops.

  2. SPREAD the word.

    Put up and distribute visible and clear flyers and posters; use social media (Facebook and neighbourhood WhatsApp groups for lost & found pets).
    Give a clear description and use a good photograph of your pet.

  3. Don’t give up HOPE.

    It could take weeks. Some pets have been found after months and even years.
    Contact your local newspaper to place a notice in the Lost and Found section. Check your local paper’s Lost and Found section regularly.

  4. WIDEN your search.

    A scared dog or cat may get into an accident and get taken to the vet/ animal hospital/ NSPCA; friendly confident dogs may be picked up by well-doers. Tame or exhausted birds or cats could easily be picked up by well-meaning rescuers. These pets are often taken out of their neighbourhood.

  5. ANSWER your phone.

    Once you have put up your contact number, be sure to be available at all times. Someone might spot your pet but not pick it up and then needs to get in contact with you. Check your social media regularly.

Chip and Tag

The first thing the vet or animal organisation will do when your pet is brought in, is to look for a chip. Having your pet chipped is safe and affordable and the best chance of finding your pet when they get lost. If you add a tag to your pet’s collar, the person who finds your pet can contact you without taking it to a shelter or a vet.

*Ensure that your pets are safe by securing your property gates.
*Keep a recent photograph handy. If your dog is shaven regularly, take recent photographs often.

You have chosen your pet. Love them and keep them safe.

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